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Hey there, Dave here, Founder of FitOnMyTime.com

FitOnMyTime.com was built to help average people make smarter individualized decisions when trying to reach their ideal fitness goals.


In 2017 I set out on my quest of losing excess weight and living a healthier lifestyle. I was bogged down by so many options, opinions and ideas that were far and in between.

On top of that, it was hard to make a commitment to just one option and sticking to it while trying to live the normal life (keeping up with work, family, a social life etc etc.)

Between the endless options, ulterior motives, questionable sourcing, I was overwhelmed and stagnant. So I did nothing. But don’t feel sorry, I SOON got over it!


Dave Standing

The Start of My Weight Loss Journey

So, to give you a little bit more context about my path to my ideal weight and health goals… It all started one day at work (Fire dept.) sitting around listening to all the guys talk about:

  • How much weight they had loss in the past. (But it’s back now)
  • The newest and latest diet they were ABOUT to start and why I should start it too. (They Rarely started
  • How so and so lost a shit ton of weight.
  • What was for breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid-day snack, dinner and desert! (I was inundated with not so pleasant food options by the very same dietary experts I had just been attentively listening to.)

Confusing conversation, Right?

Thats exactly what I was thinking too. After 11 years of working with these guys and listening to a catundra of advice and stories I sat back and really re-evaluated what I had actually gained in those years from this advise.

Didn’t take long to realize what I had gained from it… 

What did I gain from it you might ask…?

I gained close to a WHOPPING 30 POUNDS… YIKES!!!

It was the result of following the crowd and not taking a step back to do my own thinking and research on the subject. Not finding out what would work for me.

Funny thing that finally rang gold in my head was that the very people I had been listening to all this time were the very same type of people whom I did not wish to be like now nor in my coming years. if I didn’t want to end up like them I needed to make changes NOW!

So what did I do...

From that day forward i decided to pursue my fitness goals on my own terms and tailor my regimen in accordance with my own thought process in accordance with my daily life activities.

I realized that we all have different lives and bodies and that whats good for one person or groups of persons may not be good for YOU!

It Was Time For CHANGE

I began to take control of my fitness journey one workout and one meal at a time. Making small minute changes to each with patience, giving myself a decent amount of time to see what works and doesn’t work.

Finally through all the trials, errors, and research I was able to make a break through. I began to manipulate the scale and trim weight sizes. I EXPLODED into very noticeable results moving my weight from 200 lbs down to a comfortable 160 lbs in less than a year. Victory!

Dave stretching

Fast Forward to Today...

As you can see, I was able to put together a highly motivated and educated team of individuals to create FitOnMyTime.com.

We are dedicated to spreading helpful knowledge and useful advice about living a fit and healthy lifestyle amongst the everyday chatter in our busy bustling world.

A website where you can sit in the privacy of your own home or smartphone and peruse through the information without distraction from others. Tailoring your combination of diets and workouts to fit your lifestyle and capabilities with NO PRESSURE.

At FitOnMyTime.com, We understand that there are a ton of pitfalls and traps when it comes to exercising and dieting (online and offline). We are here to be your guide, helping you cut through the noise and learn what you need to know without all the nonsense and fluff.

There are several different ways for anyone to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But it is up to YOU as an individual to find out what works for YOU! And thats exactly what we at FitOnMyTime.com are here to help you do.

So what are you waiting for, let’s start learning about fitness, so you can create your story!

Yours Truly…


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