4 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Made When Training **2019 UPDATE**

Are you violating one of the 4 biggest weight loss mistakes made when training or after your workouts?

Giving it your all in your training and dieting and not getting the expected results… Frustrating right?

While exercising/training and dieting is already tough it could be tougher if you go about it the wrong way!

So it is important that we understand the correct ways to do it and try our best to avoid the these common weight loss mistakes.

Exercise is inevitable. We have to do it. if you are hoping to lose weight fast and effectively you will need to exercise. There is no way around it!

While most people will try to just reduce their food intake and do see some fat loss, they’re never able to achieve the toned and attractive body that they desire. The result of not implementing exercise in your strategy is underworked muscles and a sluggish metabolism.

Exercising while beneficial, MUST be strategic if your goal is weight loss.

In this guide , you’ll discover the 4 biggest weight loss mistakes that impede the progress of most people. Avoid them and you will be golden.

Weight Loss Mistake #1 – Going To Hard

First used mostly by sport athletes, of recently HIIT Training is now being use by average everyday individuals. The American Counsel On Exercise actually states that “you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to see results—you simply need to make sure that the time you do spend exercising is as efficient and effective as possible.

Weight Loss Mistakes

While the training is excellent for boosting one’s metabolic rate and putting the body in fat burn mode for hours, it is also very taxing on the body. So this training should not be done daily but ideally on alternate days.

One high intensity workout day should be followed by a lighter low intensity workout the following day. Beginners who try to speed up their weight loss often make the mistake of going hard every single day. This causes burnout because their central nervous system has no time to recover.

Not only does going to hard tax your body physically but it also could cause a huge mental burnout. Check Out: Move The Needle Of Life

When this happens the body gets fatigued and is unable to perform at its peak. Weight loss may even plateau because the body is in shock and needs time to recover. So, your goal should be to challenge yourself, but not overdo it.

Weight Loss Mistake #2 – Only Focusing On Cardio

Cardio is a great tool, but it’s not the only tool. You must mix up resistance training with cardio sessions. Working your muscles will allow your body to build lean muscle, which will boost your metabolic rate and help to burn more fat.

Long sessions of cardio are counterproductive. Most people’s bodies are trained to burn carbs for fuel instead of fat. So if you engage in long cardio sessions, you’ll have carb cravings throughout the day and that is not something you want.

Your time is better spent lifting weights and building strength.

Weight Loss Mistake #3 – Out Eating Your Training

While exercising will help to burn calories, most people overestimate just how many calories they burn. The reason for this weight loss mistake is people believe that just because they train, they can eat anything they want without worry. HUGE MISTAKE!

The truth of the matter is you can cancel out an entire 60-minute workout in just 10 to 15 minutes of eating. Generally, you may burn anywhere from 500 to 600 calories during a 1 hour session. One Big Mac contains about 540 calories. You can eat that in 15 minutes and that will be your workout gone!

What if you decided to have a soda and fries with that? Thats it. You’ve gained back all the calories you burned and more and you did it easily in just minutes.

Weight Loss Mistakes

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes in society is poor diet. You cannot out exercise a poor diet. So, always be mindful of what you’re eating even if you exercise. Do not let your guard down and stay ahead of the game. 80% of your weight loss is determined by what you put in your mouth. Only 20% is decided by the training.

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Weight Loss Mistake #4 – No Variety In Your Workouts

Your body is a highly intelligent organism and can adapt quickly to most challenges placed upon it. If you do the same workout repeatedly on a regular basis, it will adapt to it and become more efficient. So you’ll get better at what you’re doing, but unlike when you started, you’ll be burning less calories, because you’re much stronger and will probably be exerting less effort.

The key to avoiding this weight loss mistake is to keep changing your workouts. Use different exercises, different weights, different timings, etc. This variety in training will keep your body limbo and it won’t be able to adapt because it’s introduced to a new workout every single time.

The workouts will challenge your body and it will be forced to burn more calories to complete the job.

In Conclusion

Avoid these 4 Weight Loss Mistakes:

  • Don’t Go Too Hard
  • Mix In Resistance Training With Cardio
  • Don’t Out Eat Your Training
  • Add A Variety Into Your Workout Regimen

And your training will not only be more rewarding, but you’ll also burn more calories and fat faster. Small changes make a world of difference over time. Good Luck on your journey!



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